Work on a new entrance feature in Ashington, celebrating the 150th Anniversary of the town, will commence later this month after final approvals have been received.

The Ashington Mining Wheel Entrance Feature will see the installation of a fully restored mining wheel, standing over 4m tall, on the A197 and Booths Road junction.

The project will include shrub, bulb and tree planting, up-lighting of the wheel and an information board detailing the development of the town from the first sinking of the Bothal Mine Shaft in 1867.

Ashington was in the past referred to ‘as the largest pit village in the world’. This project is designed to both commemorate the rich mining history of the town and also act as a memorial to over 300 Ashington miners who gave their lives in ‘winning the black diamonds’.

The location is close to the entrance of the former Ashington Colliery on Rotary Parkway, the main route through the town. The site is also close to the Miner’s Chapel located in the Holy Sepulchre Church and the recently developed Ashington Colliery Heritage Trail which records the rich history of coal mining in the town.

The project has been developed by Ashington Town Council, as part of the town’s 150th Anniversary celebrations, with support from the town’s Northumberland County Councillors (Cllrs. Brian Gallacher, Lynne Grimshaw, Jim Lang, Ken Parry, Mark Purvis and Tom Wilson) and the Northumberland National Union of Mineworkers.