Neighbourhood Services Officer

My name is Steve Nichol and I took up the post of Neighbourhood Services Officer at Ashington Town Council in 2013. 

My role is to be repsonsive to issues relating to Town Council assets and neighbourhood issues such as maintaining and improving the town's bus shelters and public seating.  I previously worked for Wansbeck District Council and Northumberland County Council in similar roles and bring considerable knowledge and experience to the post.

I am delighted to work for Ashington Town Council as I have lived in the town for most of my life and want play a part in improving the area.  

I have a keen and passionate interest in local sport particularly cricket and football and I am a volunteer with Ashington Cricket Club where you will find me most of the time when I'm not at work!

You will see me out and about in the Ashington Town Council van, please take time to introduce yourself and tell me about any issues that are important to you or that you think I can help with.