You will recall that back in May, Ashington Town Council wrote to you inviting your household to take part in the town-wide residents’ survey.  At the same time, smaller scale surveys were taking place with local businesses and retail traders.

As a Town Council, it is particularly important to us that all residents get a real chance and opportunity to have a direct say and to put forward views about how they would like to see Ashington improve and move forward. The clear aim of the 2018 Survey was to again seek to establish and capture an overall resident’s picture of life in Ashington at this time as well as to see how residents thought things had changed over the 5-year period since the initial survey.

We received an excellent response with almost 3,000 residents completing and returning a survey an increase of almost 25% on 2012. On behalf of Ashington Town Council I would like to thank you for taking the time to return the survey, clearly there were many things you wanted to tell us. The level of response gives a very clear town-wide message regarding a number of service areas and builds significantly on the somewhat limited consultation undertaken by Northumberland County Council earlier this year.

At the time of sending out the survey in late May 2018, we gave a guarantee that a summary of the results would be published in a newsletter to be distributed to all residents. That print work is currently underway and we expect to be sending newsletters to all households in the town shortly.

A number of residents and organisations have contacted the Town Council particularly interested in reading the findings of the survey. It’s been a major piece of work for the Council’s appointed data research partner in analysing some 3,000 responses but we’re now pleased to be able to be in a position to publish both the key findings and the full Survey Report electronically in the links below. I hope you will find the results very informative. Certainly the survey results are challenging and paint a very clear picture of where you would like to see improvements made town-wide and what you feel the Town Centre requires.

Please be assured that Town Council will be looking to act upon what you have said in trying to make Ashington a better town to live, work and visit, we also expect the same from those with key development and regeneration responsibilities in the town, including both Northumberland County Council and Arch.

Cllr.Mark Purvis - Business Chair of Ashington Town Council

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