Northumberland County Council is launching a new initiative to support the phenomenal volunteering networks that have been rallying support across the county in response to COVID-19.

The County Council is launching 'Northumberland Communities Together' - a dedicated team which will help harness the power of local community volunteers while making sure the county's most vulnerable residents are protected. Across the UK voluntary organisations are helping people in their local communities during the COVID19 epidemic. In Northumberland, there are strong local communities and Northumberland County Council wants to support and harness the power of local community volunteers while making sure the most vulnerable residents are protected.

The County Council recognises the important role the community and voluntary sector organisations play in supporting people and is working to put in place a series of measures through our partnerships with key voluntary sector organisations to help us through this challenging time.

A team has been established to support local community activity under the banner of ‘Northumberland Communities Together’. The team are currently liaising with a variety of groups to bring together a network of key community links across the county.

These key community links will help to provide support, information, signposting and reassurance as well as identifying where further support is needed. Many areas already have volunteers in place who are coordinating with local partners including supermarkets to ensure residents have access to vital supplies.

The County Council want to make sure all our residents have access to what they need and to help support and assist all the great work that’s going on in our communities.

There are lots of ways that you can help if you’d like to assist for more information and to register visit;