A new mechanical street sweeper is now out in force in Ashington keeping the  town centre clean and tidy, every day of the week.

The pedestrian sweeper has been bought by Northumberland County Council to keep  Station Road, which was recently re-opened to traffic, and its adjoining streets, litter free.  

It is  flexible enough to  safely access  pavements and manoeuvre between parked cars and includes a high-speed powerful brushing system which will remove everything from cigarette butts and cans, to bottles, weeds and leaves. It even  has a poop scoop function to pick up dog mess and spray clean the pavement afterwards!

The green machine is the latest addition to the street cleaning fleet and was added after specific requests from the Town Council to look to proper dedicated resources to maintain the new street pedestrian layout and highway.

Paul Jones, the council’s Director of Local Services and Housing Delivery said  'The Council has invested £1.5m to redevelop Station Road in Ashington, as part of its plans to enhance the town centre environment and boost the local economy.  This new Green Machine will ensure that we do our best to keep the town centre clean and tidy and looking its very best for many years to come. We have also been asking local people to do their bit by disposing of their waste responsibly - and we are doing ours by upgrading our service and investing in equipment that will help us do the best possible job when it comes to cleaning pavements and public spaces.’

Although all of our Neighbourhood Teams are working hard to maintain street cleanliness, the first line of defence against litter is people themselves. Through our ‘Love Northumberland, Hate Litter’ campaigns we actively encourage people to dispose of their litter responsibly in the bins provided, or take it home with them.  We have a zero tolerance approach to the minority of people who choose to drop litter, with our teams of enforcement staff having issued over 291 Fixed Penalty Notices for littering and dog fouling across the county last year.’

Station Road in Ashington was re-opened to traffic in December in a move designed to boost local trade, improve the look of the street and help deliver wider economic benefits as part of the ongoing regeneration of the town centre.