Ashington’s Mini Police Force have appointed new recruits following a successful first year of operation.

The Mini Police Force are based at the James Knott Campus with pupils volunteering to become mini police officers working with Ashington’s Neighbourhood Policing Team during the academic year.  Tasks have included assisting with Ashington's Remembrance Day Service & Parade and the opening event for the new play area at Peoples Park. They have also worked on speed reduction initiatives across the town.

A new set of Mini Police were enrolled today Tuesday (24 September) at the Campus and will carry out their duties in this academic year. The Civic Head of Ashington, Cllr. Lawrence Henderson with fellow Councillor, Victor Bridges, went along to the event to encourage the young people. The project, at the Campus, received an award from the Town Council to support the purchase of uniforms.

In developing the Scheme Inspector Patterson said ‘The scheme is aimed at children in year five (aged 9-10) and focuses on the contribution the young people can make in their community to make it a better place’.  

Amanda Hall, from the James Knott Campus, said ‘The children had to apply for the posts and agree to volunteer on weekends. The project is not based on academic ability but rather on children who will enthusiastically join in with the activities’.

Cllr. Henderson adds ‘It’s great to see the children engaging in such a positive way with our local Police. We do hope this will lead to greater respect for the Police as they work to make Ashington a safer place for us all’.

In the photograph are the new Mini Police, Ashington’s Neighbourhood Inspector Philip Patterson, Cllr. Lawrence Henderson, Cllr. Victor Bridges and CSO Lisa Waugh.

Keep an eye out for the Mini Police around the town!