Woodhorn Charitable Trust is launching a new membership scheme and charging policy from the 10 February.

From this date entry to Woodhorn Museum will no longer be free. The adult annual membership fee will be £7 but normal parking charges will be removed with no admission charge for exhibitions. Entry will still be free for children aged 16 and under with concessionary tickets priced at £6.

The annual Northumberland Miners’ Picnic and Invasion Day will continue with free admission, but a parking charge will be payable, as in previous years.

Woodhorn Charitable Trust also incorporates Berwick Museum & Art Gallery, Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum and Hexham Old Gaol. There will be adult annual memberships at the Berwick and Hexham facilities but admission to Morpeth Chantry Bagpipe Museum will remain free.

For the first time the Trust will be offering a multi-venue membership that will encourage residents and tourists to visit all of its museums and explore the county. A Woodhorn Charitable Trust All Sites Annual Pass will cost £16.

Rowan Brown, the Trust’s chief executive, said ‘We’re excited to introduce the new membership scheme and charging policy because it provides better value and simpler, more consistent pricing for our visitors, as well as making it more attractive and affordable for visitors to use all of the services regularly throughout the year. By encouraging unlimited free return visits and promoting our offer across the county through the all sites annual pass, residents can more easily explore all corners of our county and the four museums within the Trust’s care.’

For more information on Woodhorn Museum visit www.experiencewoodhorn.com