Ashington Town Council has recently taken responsibility for the provision of floral displays and presentations in the town with a focus on the town centre.

The Resident and Visitor Survey’s reinforced the view, held by the Town Council, that displays on Station Road were unimaginative and had little appeal.

In January 2020, the Town Council appointed a Horticultural Officer whose role is to oversee and carry out work on the floral displays and presentations on Station Road as well as improving the range of displays across the town.

Work was started on the 17 raised beds on Station Road with beds have been cleared of flora and weeds in preparation of new soil and organic matter being added ahead of new planting schemes. The flora removed has been used to enhance existing displays in the town including the Ashington Memorial Garden, Mining Wheel Entrance Feature and Workers Memorial Garden (at North Seaton Cemetery), with 85% of the usable plants replanted. Obviously, with the Coronavirus pandemic, work is currently on hold but will recommence at the earliest opportunity. 

The Town Council has also placed a number of flower towers and planters around the town as well as on main routes into Ashington (A197, A196 and B1334).

Northumberland County Council continues to retain responsibility for the provision of displays at the town’s strategic parks at Hirst and Wansbeck Riverside.