Ashington Town Council is working with Allotment Associations in improving the quality of allotment provision with recent improvement works taking place at a number of sites across the town.

The North Seaton Colliery Allotment Association has recently carried out a project that has improved the roadways on the site and brought redundant plots back into use.  The project was funded by the Association with support from Seaton Ward Cllr. Jim Lang, through his County Council Members Scheme, and Ashington Town Council.  (In the photograph is allotment committee members Peter Jobson and Louis Brown with Cllr. Lang inspecting the work)

The Wansbeck Road Allotment Association has recently carried out a project to improve the site boundary as well as improvements to over 300m of roadway. The Association has contributed to the project as well as accessing funding from a number of NE charitable trusts. Ashington Town Council has also made a financial contribution to the works and assisted the committee in developing the project.

A project has also recently been completed by the High Market Allotment Association which has also made significant improvements to roadways around the High Market site as well as new water taps at the Woodhorn Road Allotment Site.

Ashington Town Council has statutory responsibility for allotment provision within the town and there are currently eight sites with seven of these sites being managed on a day to day basis through a range of agreements with Allotment Associations. In addition there is a small private allotment site close to Green Lane.  

Cllr. Matthew Cuthbert, Leader of Ashington Town Council, said ‘The Town Council is committed to working with allotment associations to improve the quality of allotment provision in the town. We know that allotment gardening is valued by many residents and we are pleased with the successful outcome of recent projects. The benefits of allotment gardening are well recognised and we know through the recent Covd-19 restrictions allotment gardens have provided a welcoming place for many plot holders and their families. It is also encouraging that we have seen an increase in the numbers of residents wanting to take a plot with the benefits that will bring through the production of fresh and healthy food.'  

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