Fallowfield Hedgehogs is a new group that was created for residents in the Ashington area who are willing to love and care for our population of hedgehogs.

There is a sizeable hedgehog population in the Fallowfield estate and surrounding area in west Ashington and the group aims to promote the creation of habitat and provide guidance if a hedgehog comes into a garden. The group will also provide information if a resident finds an ill or injured hedgehog.

The groups founder is Lesley Middleton, who works closely with the Northumbrian Hedgehog Trust. Lesley said ‘British hedgehog numbers are in decline mainly due to the loss of their natural habitat such as hedgerows and rough pasture and nationally it is estimated that 100,000 hedgehogs annually are sadly killed on our roads. Additionally discarded litter, such as Pringle crisp tubes, is also a serious hazard’. 

Haydon Ward Councillor Brian Gallacher, has recently assisted the group with the production of signage to make residents and motorists aware that there are hedgehogs in the area. The signs have been placed around the Haydon Ward (photograph) and information leaflets are also in the process of being delivered. Cllr. Gallacher adds ‘I am really pleased to help Lesley in raising awareness of Hedgehogs in the Haydon ward. We can all play a part in helping our native wildlife and I’m sure Lesley’s efforts will be appreciated by many residents both in the ward and the town’.

For more information on the work of Fallowfield Hedgehogs you can find the group on Facebook.