My name is Liam Lavery and I was born in Ashington and I have lived in the College Ward all my life.

I am currently studying for a Politics Degree at Northumbria University and follow national & world political events on a daily basis.

I am a Labour Party member and I am proud to come from Ashington and represent the College Ward.

As a Town Councillor, I am keen to see more investment in the town. The previous administration at Northumberland County Council did some great work in improving our town, and I hope the new administration follow suit and help Ashington flourish.

As a young person I am keen to encourage young people to become involved in improving their community as well as seeing more projects and activities for young people to take part in.

I enjoy sport particularly football and follow Newcastle United Football Club as well as cricket and greyhound racing.  

Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any issues.