‘Into the Future: Art Endgame’, is a group art exhibition which showcases some of the work made over a period of several years by the talented young people who attend the Teen Bar, a youth club based in the Life Centre in Ashington.

The young people have participated in art workshops, delivered by Fine Artist Jamie Lawson Evans.  In total there are over twenty exhibiting artists, with many more actually participating in the workshops.

The Exhibition will take place at the Hirst Park Pavillion (NE63 9BA) from Monday 11 till Sunday 17 October 2021.

The young people have worked alongside a professional artist, learning about what a contemporary Fine Art practice entails and consists of, learning practically in the traditional sense, by taking field trips to the artist’s personal indoor and outdoor studio spaces and producing artwork which sometimes stretch two by twenty metres!

With artwork spanning the fields of painting, drawing and sculpture, this work was made pre and post the Covid era. The highly experimental and expressive abstract work of Amy Hogg, aged 11, embeds household items like iPhone chargers and Coca Cola cans onto the surface of the canvas.  Not all of the work references our current times, but undoubtedly comment upon it creeps in.

In works such as ‘Maskapiece’, a piece by Alfie, aged 10, a simple monotype print on paper, using an iconic emblem of our era as the tool with which to create art, a picture truly does speak a thousand words. Indeed, the title ‘Into the Future: Art Endgame’ was, like the artwork, a creation entirely of the young people involved. The creativity and original ideas produced by all involved in the exhibition is a credit to the upcoming talent present within the show line up.

Jamie Lawson Evans said ‘I believe kids to be of critical importance to the benefit of our future and wellbeing, the ideas in their heads will one day save our world. During a time when human contentment and overall fulfilment is being swept aside for the pursuit of building back better, many of the niceties of life have been forgotten and overshadowed by fears and anxieties.  Many of the things which we have taken for granted, we have realised are things we hold rather dear’.