The Ashington Hirst Running Club provide a range of running and fitness activities for people in the Ashington area.

The Club's activities take place at the Bothal Primary Upper School, on High Market (NE63 8NE), in Ashington. The school’s facilities provide an excellent base with a playing field, running track and gym for fitness classes. New members are always welcome whatever their ability.

The Club’s regular weekly sessions are as follows:

Tuesday at 6.30pm - Run & Run/Walk Groups or Effort Session

Participants on a Tuesday evening can run or run/walk, slower run (10.30-12.30-minute miles) or a faster run. You can choose which group you feel comfortable with and as you progress you can move into another group as and when you feel ready. The run/walk is approximately 2 miles, slower run 3 miles and the faster run is 3-4 miles. There are also two groups for effort sessions, all focusing on speed work for 5 and 10 km races. All effort sessions vary but are developed to improve speed, ability and endurance.

Thursday at 6.45pm - Run & Run/Walk Groups / Hill Training or Endurance Run

The Thursday evening offers participants a run and run/walk as above, also with the options of hill training and speed endurance.  

Friday at 7.00pm – Run Group

The Friday Run Group offers either a 4 or 6 mile run, which can be slow or fast.  

Full details of activities are on the Club’s website – details below.

Want to give it a go? Come along to any session. Please come along 15 minutes early on your first session to complete a short health questionnaire (available to download on our website). Guest fee is £2 per session.

For more information please visit the Club’s website at